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November 22, 2019
A Message From Your Clerk Craft Director
Posted On: Sep 24, 2017

Members you know firsthand that the Union works hard to protect your jobs, fight for better wages, and provide good benefits and working conditions. As all that was mentioned above, the APWU ‘s fight is not easy. Our union stand up for the rights of our membership. However, current attack by Management is not an easy fight for us. By the time you read this article, Management – not the Union – has implemented the F1 Scheduler. For those who are not familiar with the F1 Scheduler, it is the Postal Service way of realigning its workforce. Their plans involve massive bid reversions and job abolishment. Basically, Management uses it to determine their staffing levels due to reduced mail volume. This tactic is being implemented Nationwide. The Union is completely not in agreement or involved with the way Management has impacted the work schedules and the lives of our members. The Unions are under attack with Management implementing so many changes all at once, but you can rest assure APWU is ready for the fight! We are definitely up for these challenges, but it will take our members to unite together and stay strong; after all: “a Unions strength, comes from it members.”

Members you are the ones who should protect your Clerk work and file grievances anytime you see a Supervisor or Manager working the mail and performing clerk work; also, if you witness other crafts doing our Clerk work. This fight begins with you! At the rate Management is reverting and abolishing Duty Assignments, it will take all of us to police our contract and save our jobs.

 As the changes begin, we will keep you all updated and share with you any information from Management as we receive it. Members, we are on your side, so remember how vital it is that we must come together to fight this battle. Managements goal is to destroy Unions, but we must not let that happen. We must not listen to all of the negativity being spread by your fellow co-workers or a Management team when they claim that the Union is not doing anything. I can assure you we are fighting on your behalf to police the contract and if a violation occurs or has already occurred; our Stewards will file those grievances immediately.

 FWAL Stewards

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Stewards on all three Tours for doing such a wonderful and outstanding job filing grievances.  I am very grateful to have such a dedicated team who have fought hard on behalf of the membership by policing our contract and collectively filing over a thousand grievances to date.

 Your hard work and efforts are greatly appreciated; lets continue to fight the fight!

Union Solidarity 

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